Opinion about Infusões com História – Ana Paula Teixeira

Recently, Miguel Moreira (CEO of Infusões com História) talked with Ana Paula Teixeira (FOUNDER | Managing Director of DHC FOOD EXPERIENCE) and asked her if she could witness her experience and what she thinks about our Premium Brand and Products.

You can read the result below and check out the wonderful words spoken by this excellent business leader.

Infusões com História, an amazing surprise!

“Finding out about “Infusões com História” was an amazing discovery for me and for my day-to-day life.

Infusões com História’s products are like no other – I had never seen or tasted anything alike, and now I cannot imagine living without it!

What I love most about the chain of products from the brand is the variety and quality of flavours it has to offer. Each of the 9 flavours available (I have tried them all!) really do explode in your mouth, it’s as if you travel into a new location every time you take a sip of it.

From the choice of preparing it hot or cold, to choosing a smooth or strong flavour, the taste across all products is really sensational.

My new routine with infusions

I usually drink my infusions just before and during my daily exercise routine, or when I go out for my weekly 10km walk in my local forest.

“Infusões com História” makes me stay hydrated whilst enjoying the pleasure of its flavours – in fact, I am convinced I drink more water now than before, because I now regularly infuse it with “their exclusive blends”.

It just makes me so excited to grab my bottle and take that extra sip of hydration!

Advantages and opportunities of these Premium Products

I also don’t drink alcohol either, so many times, I have actually gone out for dinner with friends and infused my water with “Infusões com História special aromatic plants”, whilst they drink their wine.

The drinks look similar… and one is way healthier! And perhaps also cooler… I’ll let you guess which one.  

Thank you Miguel for this great product, it really has introduced new healthy and pleasurable habits into my life, and I hope it does so too to many others.


Infusões com História

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