We will participate in the 5th contest "Teas of the World" 2022

For the third consecutive year (we were present in 2020 and 2021), our brand participates in the AVPA Paris contest (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles).

We submitted five blends for this year’s competition, in the category Infusions, Medicinal Aromatic Plant Blends, without added flavorings.

Read this article and learn more about this entity, what awards we won in 2020 and 2021 and why we participated in this contest (justify with information from an interview with Carine Baudry – specialist in Teas, Infusions and president of the jury for the world tea and infusion contest.

Learn more about AVPA Paris

AVPA (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles) is a non-governmental agency, based in Paris, whose main objective is to promote excellent products, which respect the rules of organic farming.

The project also praises producers who practice good production practices and fair trade, who are often forgotten and “muffled” by the usual processes of marketing and mass production.

On its website you will find a series of services, such as:

  • Training and educational area;
  • Workshops and official tests;
  • Financial support for producers;
  • Monitoring of product producers and distributors.

In addition to the services, every year it organizes 4 different competitions:

  • “Chocolates, Processed at Origin”,
  • “World Edible Oils,
  • “Teas of the World”,
  • “Coffees Roasted at Origin”.

AVPA receives, in the total of the 4 contests, the participation of more than 600 world producers, something that demonstrates the reputation of this agency and the work it develops.

Meet the key figures and the agency’s team. Read more information here.

What we won in 2020 and 2021

In 2020, our brand of 100% natural teas received 4 medals.

The Infusão do Mato and Infusão Montanha de Sensações (Romanesque Teas) received the Gourmet Medals, the Infusão Subtil the Bronze Medal, and the Infusão Vibrante the Gold Medal.

In 2021 we won 3 medals, one Bronze and two Gourmet. The organic teas that were in the competition were:

  • Infusão Floral – Gourmet Medal;
  • Infusão Balsâmica – Gourmet Medal;
  • Infusão Mística – Bronze medal.

It should be noted that the contest evaluates two distinct categories, that is, a 1st category for teas with the “Camellia sinensis” variety and a 2nd category for Infusions, Blends or other teas (which do not contain the “Camelia sinensis” variety).

In our case, there is another variable that makes us even more exclusive, by participating in a sub-category “without added aromas”.

In other words, our Infusions contain only medicinal herbs, which have been dried in a traditional way, mixed and packaged.

All this, to reinforce the 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Traditional and 100% National.

Therefore, Infusões com História counts 7 medals in two years, which shows that we are on the right track and produce amazing exclusive blends.

Why are these contests so important for tea producers like us?

This is a quote from an interview with Carine Baudry (published on the Tea Journey pub website), president of the jury of the AVPA competition. You can read the interview in full here.

Here’s what Carine Baudry thinks about the role of the AVPA and the contest in question:

“I am delighted with this collaboration with the AVPA! Congratulations to them for this great initiative. It is a lot of work. The goal is to value the work of producers.

Sometimes the tea houses will be an intermediary and will make it possible to finance the participation while highlighting the producer and his teas. The role of the AVPA is to promote, accompany, and make known all the work of the people who produce tea.

It is also to make people aware that there is a plant in the cup of tea, and there are men who work both on the culture and the process. It is both an expertise and a talent.

The producers and the tea makers are real artists. As president, my role is to help and be at the side of the AVPA to promote producers, seek, represent, and be an ambassador of this approach. It is easier to go to countries quite regularly.

It is something that’s touching to me because it really fits with the way I see tea. Tea is the person who produces it must be highlighted. My role as president is also the organization of applications.

(…) it’s nice to see the importance that medals have for them, and I understand that because we value their work. There is a pride that is right, that is justified”.


Infusões com História

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