Teas and Infusions are not the same thing

Teas and infusions are not the same thing. It is, oftentimes, confused but it has a similarity: a ritual in its intake and the sensations which we are looking for or which are felt in the ending.

The tea is a solution obtained from an infusion of the leaves of Camellia sinensis, while an infusion is obtained from leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits and stems of plants, in boiling water.

Anyway, the both of these beverages has an inspiration that comes from the history of humanity and the history of food.

The beginning of Tea consumption in Europe

It was the portuguese people who bring the tea from their maritime expeditions to the Europe, on the middle ages. If, at its origin – in China, Korea, Japan and Central Asia, it was a beverage used by its therapeutic purposes and as part of religious ceremonies, in Europe, also, gets a place in moments of debate, in intelectual or snob environments.

It was an expensive beverage but meanwhile, it was becoming common among all. It was, initally, distorted by the addition of sugar as far as, in Europe, this one was an important product of the market economy.

Recently, we are recovering the intake of tea and of infusions on its natural form, without any additions and then, we can experience its natural tastes and aromas.

Feel the 100% Natural Flavors and Aromas of Teas and Infusions

We associate its intake to social moments with more proximity, where the brotherwood are enoughly strong for being shared. We associate its intake to moments of harmony and balance because we are feeling like that or because we are looking for that state of well being.

We associate its intake to recovery times of our health, in situations with some nutritional restritions or recommendations such as fluid intake and an improvement of our digestive systems.

We choose the tea cup for its moment that we want to hug with our hands, just to be hugged by feelings of comfort.

And in these ritual, we recorded an image of someone familiar, more commonly grandparents, who harvested from their gardens ou country side, leaves or stems of plants, between other elements from nature, and prepared infutions for a part of the day or occasions which deserved ou needed that ritual.

Much more than just an intake of Tea or Infusion

The intake of teas and infusions shows, clearly, how the hedonic meaning is important for our food habits. It has its nutritional benefits but it also has a sensorial, affective and memorial meanings. It gather ouselves because it brings calm.

It gather us to nature because it comes from there. And it joins us because one of the aspects that start to define humanity was, precisely, the moments of sharing food.

Even if the tea and the infusions are beverages, it can be eaten and savored.

As nutritiotist, I must remmember its importance and its history on our habits.

This blog article was written by Teresa Campos,

Nutritionist 2971N, Nutritionist and CEO of Nutrémia, Nutrition Clinic.


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